Usana Anoited Protection & Healing Oil


  Usana Anointed Oil For Protection, Healing and a Spiritual Recharge To protect you, your family and your home This oil will also help lift your energy and vibration. Clearing stagnant energies and acts as a barrier against such things.  

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Sadness, fatigue and many other symptoms can be or may be related to a psychic attack or entity attachment, many can be unaware that we can pick up lower energies and frequencies from our environment and others.

This oil also guards and protects your home, instantaneously lifting the energy of your home and clearing it.
You and your home will feel much lighter and happier.
The oil is prayed upon and blessed at a specific hour working with and invoking the help of Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Healing Guides.
Instructions on how to use this oil come with your oil.

Uma, owner of Mystically Inspired has been a faith healer for over 22 years and as well as a Contemporary Fine Art Artist. Working with Lord Sananda, the Christed Light, Ascended Masters as well as the Angelic Realms.
Has healed many, some even miraculously, as well as animals and wishes to share her gifts with those seeking help and healing.
This oil has helped her much with her own spiritual and personal journeying, giving much protection and healing on many levels.

A £1 donation from your purchase will go towards a wonderful charity called One Nation.

Made only from 100% Pure Intention and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The information given for this product is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease or illness nor is it presented as to replace as an alternative to regular medical attention. If you require medical attention please contact a health professional. The information we have supplied has been obtained from the healer’s own experiences and of others the healer has helped along her path.

Love and Blessing


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